6 Reasons to Buy a Second Home at LOZ

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The Lake of the Ozarks has been called "The Best Recreational Lake" in the country, and for good reason!  We have thousands and thousands of visitors every summer, and they come back every single year.  Osage Beach's population alone skyrockets from 4,400 permanent residents to 50,000 during the summer months!

There are so many great reasons to invest in a Lake of the Ozarks lake home.  Here are just a few to get those gears a' turnin'.

STOP PAYING RENT AND COMPETING WITH EVERYONE ELSE'S SCHEDULE.  If you visit the lake every weekend during the summer, or even just a few weekends a year, and you rent a VRBO or stay in one of the many resorts or lodges, you are paying a nightly rate.  This can add up fast!  Another challenge with renting at the lake during the summer months is availability.  Those spots fill up fast - a year in advance sometimes.  Scheduling your vacation around someone else's (especially a stranger's), can be very frustrating and inconvenient!  Real estate at Lake of the Ozarks can be surprisingly affordable.  Put that money back into your pocket, and call your favorite Lake of the Ozarks Realtor today!

LAKE OF THE OZARKS IS CENTRALLY LOCATED.  The Lake is nicely situated right in the center of Missouri, halfway between Kansas City and Saint Louis. The drive from all directions is easy and quick enough that you can head down on Friday after work and be settled in with plenty of time to enjoy all of the night life the lake has to offer!  The Lake is a great family reunion destination because of its location, and your friends will love coming to visit.   

INCREASE YOUR WEALTH AND SECURE YOUR RETIREMENT.  Your home is likely your biggest financial asset.  Buying a second home increases your asset portfolio.  Real Estate at The Lake can be very affordable, probably more so than you realize!  Check out some of the current listings in the area, or call your favorite Lake of the Ozarks Realtor for more information.  As you know, real estate does not depreciate like a car or a pair of shoes.  Lake real estate, maybe more so than other real estate, increases in value exponentially very quickly.  If you think your primary residence in the suburbs will offer a great ROI, imagine what lake property can do for you!  Purchasing a lake home also secures your retirement.  Buy now and when you are ready to retire, your lake (retirement) home could be paid off!  Not only that, but it's familiar, already houses your stuff and is decorated!  

PACKING AND UNPACKING IS EXHAUSTING.  No more packing everything you own just for one weekend away.  Over and over again.  Just jump in the car, drive, park, walk in and enjoy!

SPEND MORE QUALITY TIME WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  The day to day routines of work, school, activities and housework can really get you down.  Everyone needs and deserves a break.  Planning for a vacation away can be quite an ordeal!  Owning a lake house takes that stress off of your shoulders.  You always have a place to go and "get away",  relax and unwind without all the planning.  Having a place to go any time you want to get out of town for a break is such a great feeling and affords you the luxury of less stress and more quality time with your loved ones.


If you are in the market for a vacation lake home of your own, or would just like to learn more about what is available, and what you can afford, give us call and let's get you started on the beautiful journey to enjoying Lake Life to its fullest!

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