Tips to Sell Your House This Spring


Although it might not feel like it yet, spring is here!  The real estate market starts picking up speed as the warmer weather months start moving in.  This means that Spring is historically the favorite time of the year to get your house on the market and listed FOR SALE.  Team 2BeSellin is here to help with some tips for preparing your house for sale this spring.  

Your ultimate goal when listing your home for sale is to get the best purchase price from a buyer possible.  There are many small and easy projects you can do yourself to get your home into tip top shape.  A fresh coat of paint and bright lighting can go a long way!  Make sure everything looks and smells sparkly clean and get rid of that clutter!  

Don't put off tackling that To Do List any longer.  Putting in a weekend's worth of work could be the difference between getting top dollar - what you want - for your home and getting just enough - what you need - for you home.  

Look at it as "getting paid to do your spring cleaning"!  


20 tips for spring sale prep


Call Team 2BeSellin, your Lake of the Ozarks real estate professionals, for more information and to find out what you can get for your home in the booming spring market this year!

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